For Patients

Hospital In Your Home (HIYH) is an acute care service that provides care in the home that would otherwise need to be delivered within a hospital or the emergency department setting.

HIYH often provides an alternative to admission to hospital or an opportunity for earlier transfer home than would otherwise be possible. We see home as more comfortable, less stressful environment and can improve quality of life for you, and your family and carers. This service is available 24 hrs a day, seven days a week.

As a patient of HIYH you remain an inpatient of the referring hospital.

How do I provide consent?

Participation in HIYH is voluntary, you must agree to having your care at home. If you are willing to be treated at home, you or your carer will be asked to sign a consent form before leaving the hospital for your home.

Note that the visiting HIYH staff will have access to the information in your hospital patient record.

You are asked to store any medications and supplies left at your home safely. You are required to return to the hospital if advised to do so by your visiting nurse or the doctor from the hospital unit treating you.

Are there costs to access HIYH services?

There is little to no cost to the patient to receiving HIYH. Medications and dressings needed for your HIYH episode of care will be supplied free of charge while a HIYH patient.

Any ongoing costs after you have been discharged from HIYH will be discussed prior to your discharge. This will include your discharge oral antibiotic – just like if you had seen your GP

Who will provide my care?

HIYH team consists of highly experienced medical practitioners, nurses and allied health clinicians all with the aim of making you feel better sooner whilst in the comfort of your own home.

The frequency and length of visits you receive are determined by your individual needs. This will be discussed with you by the HIYH LN prior to you going home.

When you are at home, the HIYH LN will coordinate your individual care needs. The HIYH LN will communicate between your doctors and the visiting HIYH staff to help ensure they all work together. Your observations will be recorded and assessed just as they would be in hospital each day and any significant changes in your condition will be communicated to your hospital doctors. We use the latest virtual technology so we can provide real time data to our doctors to ensure responsive, accurate, person-centered care.

We also partner with Sullivan Nicolades pathology and Queensland Xray should any further investigations need to be carried out.

What if I need to leave home before the nurse arrives?

You will be given a range of visit times during which the nurse will aim to visit. In order to provide the best care and to ensure your safety, we do ask that you notify HIYH LN if you need to leave home at any time prior to receiving your nursing care on any particular day. Our team is available via a phone call 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

What if something goes wrong?

If you are concerned about your health at any time while you are on the program you can ring and speak to a nurse.

24 Hours per day   –  7 days per week on 0427 664 238

The visiting nurse, HIYH LN, in consultation with your HIYH doctor, will alter your treatment should your condition unexpectedly deteriorate, become unstable or you develop a complication. If deemed necessary due to your condition, you may need to be readmitted to hospital to continue your care.

If at any time you feel your life is in danger, immediately call 000