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Patient Centred Care

We provide care that is responsive to, respectful of, the preferences, values and needs of our patients and their families/carers.  Your care is planned with you, for you, with what is best for you.

Reduced risk of hospital acquired complications

One in every nine patients who go into hospital in Australia suffers a complication, and if they stay overnight the figure increases to one in four – source: Duckett & Jorm 2018

Cultural Diversity

HIYH strives to provide a comprehensive, integrated model of care that responds to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and cultural needs of all Australians.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Multidisciplinary team approach to care is an integrated, collaborative process involving doctors, nurses, and Allied Health professionals in conjunction with you and your family/carer to improve your health outcomes.

Advanced Interactive Technology

We provide advanced and interactive medical technology creating streamlined communication and health analysis between patient and health professionals through the use of mobile devices.

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