Rights and Responsibilities

We believe it’s your right to be given complete healthcare transparency

You have the right to:

  • be informed about your medical condition and treatment
  • take part in the development of your individual treatment plan
  • be informed and consulted about your progress and any changes to the plan in easy to understand terms
  • receive quality care from nursing, medical and allied health staff with reviews as your condition requires
  • be assisted and supported in developing skills to manage your condition
  • be treated with respect, dignity and consideration regardless of your culture, religion, gender or age
  • have your personal information kept private and confidential
  • participate, if you wish, in medical research and clinical training.

The Hospital In Your Home team should:

  • advise you of your length of stay with the service
  • organise mutually convenient times for home visits, where possible
  • supply appropriate, quality services to support you
  • schedule medical reviews as required
  • develop an emergency plan with you and your support person
  • plan your discharge and determine and organise other services if required